ChBE STEPS Program

Students in the STEPS program

What is the Georgia Tech ChBE STEPS Program?

The Georgia Tech School of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering’s Summer Transfer Enrichment Program for Science Majors (STEPS) Program gives underrepresented minority students an opportunity to spend the summer on campus conducting research and enrolling in an introductory ChBE course.

The ChBE STEPS Program is open to outstanding scholars who considering transferring to Georgia Tech through the Dual Degree Engineering Program (DDEP) or the Regents’ Engineering Pathways Program (REPP).

Many underrepresented minority students enter Georgia Tech through the DDEP and RETP programs. Because ChBE STEPS is offered in the summer, when the semester is shorter and class enrollments are smaller, these students experience improved interactions with Georgia Tech faculty and students and have an easier transition onto campus.

What are the benefits of the STEPS Program?

  • ChBE STEPS enables science majors to learn more about the exciting career choices available to chemical engineers through classroom instruction and independent laboratory projects.
  • Participants enroll in the introductory course "Chemical Process Principles" and receive intensive academic tutoring and support from minority graduate student mentors.
  • They also participate in hands-on research, mentored by a ChBE professor and graduate student researchers.
  • ChBE STEPS is FREE to qualified underrepresented minority students through a generous scholarship provided by the ExxonMobil Foundation. Participants receive full tuition, housing and a stipend.

What are the prerequisites for participation?

  • Participants have to be part of an underrepresented ethnic minority in engineering (African-American, Native American, Hispanic).
  • Participants must have completed college-level courses in general chemistry and calculus II.
  • Students do NOT have to be current participants in the RETP or DDEP programs to qualify for admission; a strong interest in chemical engineering at Georgia Tech is enough. In fact, participating in the ChBE STEPS Program can be very helpful in making a career decision.

How do I apply for ChBE STEPS?

Click here to download the application for the 2016 ChBE STEPS Program (held May 5-Aug. 3)

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Feb. 24 (with notification by March 1).

For more information

For more information about the ChBE STEPS Program, contact the program adviser, Anant Paravastu, at 404) 385-4604 or

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