The final date to submit an application is Jan. 15, 2018. We strongly encourage early submission, as admissions are made on a rolling basis.

What kind of students are we looking for? Of course, you need a strong academic background. See our admissions requirements for the details. Additionally, we have identified some traits that typify successful PhD students and some common characteristics of unsuccessful students.

While some students choose to pursue an MS degree prior to the PhD, it is not necessary to obtain an MS degree prior to entering the PhD program. Many students go directly from the BS to the PhD. 

Characteristics of successful PhD students
  • Highly intelligent
  • Inquisitive
  • Passion for research
  • Driven to learn and succeed
  • Creative
  • Hate giving up
  • Able to multitask
Characteristics of unsuccessful PhD students
  • Lack initiative
  • Don’t know what they want to do with their lives
  • Smart, but no creativity
  • Don't work well with others

If you meet our admissions requirements and find that the list of characteristics of successful PhD students describes you, we encourage you to apply today.