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The Ph.D. program in ChBE forges a close professional relationship between graduate students and faculty members. Together, they work at the cutting edge of research and develop an academic program customized to meet the individual goals of each student. Although the typical program takes about five years to complete, some students may finish the requirements in slightly less, or more, time. This timeline provides a basic guide to follow as you embark on your graduate student experience.

The M.S. program in ChBE is a coursework-based, nonthesis degree designed for students who want to develop a deeper knowledge of the fundamentals and learn about emerging applications. It is ideal for students who plan to enter industry or who are returning to school after working in industry. The M.S. program requires 31 hours of coursework, which can be completed in two or three semesters (see the schedule below), depending on the student's pace and the availability of elective courses of interest. Applicants who do not have a ChBE or equivalent B.S. degree should read the information at the bottom of the M.S. Degree Requirements page, under "for applicants without a B.S. chemical engineering degree."

Students admitted to the M.S. ChBE program do not do thesis research and are not eligible for ChBE graduate research assistant positions or tuition waivers. Thus, it is a self-paying program. Just like Ph.D. students, M.S. students can take advantage of Georgia Tech's Career Services, which hosts career fairs and connects students with the large number of employers that come to Georgia Tech seeking talent.

M.S. program schedule

Fall Year 1
  Spring Year 1
  Fall Year 2

Take five core ChBE courses:

  • 6003 Safety
  • 6100 Advanced Thermodynamics
  • 6260 Advanced Mass Transport
  • 6300 Advanced Kinetics and Reactor Design
  • 6500 Advanced Mathematical Modeling

Take remaining core ChBE course (6200 Advanced Fluid Mechanics)

Take elective courses (variable to suit individual plan)

  • 67xx ChBE elective
  • Free elective 1
  • Free elective 2 (can be deferred to fall term*)
  • Free elective 3 (can be deferred to fall term*)
  • Free elective 4 (can be deferred to fall term*)

* Graduate electives generally are not available during the summer terms.


Take remaining elective courses (depending on previous courses taken)

  • Free elective 2
  • Free elective 3
  • Free elective 4

Graduate in December