Faculty members in the lab

Established in 1901, the School of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering (ChBE) is one of eight schools in the College of Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Ranked among the top ten engineering programs in the nation for both its graduate and undergraduate programs, the school is also one of the oldest, largest, and most diverse programs. ChBE faculty members are involved in 13 comprehensive areas of education, research, and commercialization with a strategic focus on energy & sustainability, biotechnology, materials & nanotechnology, and complex systems.

The College of Engineering at Georgia Tech consistently ranks among the top five engineering colleges in the country. We offer a well-rounded engineering education. This education includes the creation and application of new knowledge that is rapidly infused into our curricula, which integrate engineering, the life sciences, and the humanities. Our students have many opportunities for hands-on, interdisciplinary technological research working alongside faculty who are recognized experts in their fields on meaningful projects with real human benefits.

Chemical engineering is a broad and versatile discipline in which chemical engineers work on the development and application of processes that change materials either chemically or physically. This branch of engineering was originally based on the applications of chemistry, combined with the principles of physics and mathematics. Over time, and with increasing speed, it has evolved so that biological sciences and chemistry now fill the position once uniquely held by chemistry. This evolution led the School to add “biomolecular” to its official name in 2003. Revised undergraduate and graduate curricula reflect and support the diversification of the discipline.