Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR)

Type of Training (Deadline)

Tech Temps / Undergrads


Post Docs / Researchers

Online - CITI

 (90 days)

All Required Modules

All Required Modules

All Required Modules

In-Person Non RCR Project

(12 months)

None required

8 hrs (ChBE 6001 and 6003)

8hrs (Phil 6000)

In-Person NSF Project

(12 months)

1 hr (Cert form)

In-Person NIH Project

(12 months)

8 hrs (Cert form)



  • CITI to be completed within the first 90 days of employment. All required modules must be completed with a minimum score of 80%, so it is advisable to space out the training to ensure success.
  • Tech Temps and Undergrads that are not being paid by a RCR flagged project do not need to complete In-Person training.  For those that are on a RCR project, the In-Person Certification form should be used.
  • In-person training must be completed within the first 12 months of hire date or prior to leaving Georgia Tech, if less than a year of employment. Additionally, if the employee is being paid on a RCR flagged project that is terming, the training must be completed before the project end date.  (Non-compliant employee salary cannot remain on RCR flagged project.)
  • Some leeway allowed for the completion of Phil 6000 based on time and other constraints. In these instances, an In-Person Certification form must be completed, with signatures from both the employee and advisor. Please contact Leslie Schlag, leslie.schlag [at] in advance of the deadline to make the necessary arrangements.
  • Though approved by the institute, workshops are not a ChBE approved option for in-person training hours at this time.
  • Please contact Leslie Schlag, ChBE RCR compliance, at leslie.schlag [at], for further information.


Institute RCR Compliance Website

Institute CITI Training

Proposal Routing RCR Form

In-Person Certification Form