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<p>Close-up image shows an untreated stainless steel sample (left), and a sample that has been electrochemically treated to create a nanotextured surface. The sample was prepared by using a potentiostat in Professor Preet Singh's laboratory at Georgia Tech. (Credit: Rob Felt, Georgia Tech)</p>
Process could improve medical implants, food processing
The study's results were published in the journal Chemistry of Materials
Jones is at the forefront of a field involving direct air capture (DAC) of CO2
Nga Lee "Sally" Ng and Younan Xia included in Clarivate Analytics list
<p>Chandana Kolluru's submission video. She is one of three finalists in the "Biology" category.</p>
Ph.D. student performs an Indian classical dance to demonstrate her work to help create a safe microneedle patch for polio vaccination.
<p>Love Family Professor of Chemical &amp; Biomolecular Engineering</p>
Jones will discuss "Engineering Amine-Modified Silicates for CO2 Separations and Catalysis"

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