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<p>Chandana Kolluru's submission video. She is one of three finalists in the "Biology" category.</p>
Ph.D. student performs an Indian classical dance to demonstrate her work to help create a safe microneedle patch for polio vaccination.
<p>Love Family Professor of Chemical &amp; Biomolecular Engineering</p>
Jones will discuss "Engineering Amine-Modified Silicates for CO2 Separations and Catalysis"
<p>The first rail dragster in Georgia was built by students in the Georgia Tech Auto Club. </p>
As cars became an American obsession and racing grew popular, Tech students, alumni, and faculty made their mark on the sport.
ChBE moves up from 4th to 3rd among undergrad chemical engineering programs
Reichmanis is the winner in the ACS Chemistry of Materials category.
The following message is from Dr. Steven McLaughlin, incoming dean for the Georgia Tech College of Engineering.
College of Computing (Room 016)
College of Computing (Room 016)
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