Nair to lead ChBE efforts in industry outreach

Sankar Nair, professor in the School of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, has been appointed to the new position of associate chair for industry outreach, effective Jan. 1.

Sankar Nair has been appointed associate chair
for industry outreach.

The role was created to foster and nurture relationships and communication with industry representatives in order to maximize the relevance of research in ChBE in addressing real-world challenges and developing university-industry partnerships.

Nair, an accomplished researcher in the development of functional nanoporous materials and membrane processes for chemical separations, has extensive experience in leading university-industry collaborative research.

“I believe that the ingenuity, expertise and capabilities of ChBE researchers offer a range of attractive opportunities to technology-oriented companies,” Nair said. “I am very happy to serve in this new role, which is targeted at enabling more ChBE faculty to successfully form new industrial research collaborations and translate their research into industrial impacts.”

Sholl said he believes that Georgia Tech ChBE is one of the only — if not the only — chemical and biomolecular engineering programs to create an associate chair position specifically aimed at strengthening the link between academic research and industry applications.

“Our School is already a leader in industry-relevant and industry-sponsored research,” Sholl said. “Sankar will lead efforts to broaden the range of industrial partners we work with as we continue to develop technologies that solve pressing industrial problems and prepare our graduate students for leadership positions in industry R&D.”

Caroline Wood, Georgia Tech’s senior director for corporate relations, said: “ChBE exemplifies Georgia Tech’s tradition of combining cutting-edge research with industrial relevance. I am thrilled that Sankar is taking on this new role to lead and grow ChBE’s interactions with industry R&D.”

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