Information on this page supplements information provided on the Georgia Tech Environmental Health and Safety website.


In the event of an emergency, call GT Campus Police
at 4-2500 or 404-894-2500.


Please remember that you should never dial 911.
Dialing 911 will delay response time.

Dealing with Emergencies (Ford ES&T and Bunger-Henry)
Specific guidelines for responding to all non-medical emergencies.

Dealing with Medical Emergencies (Ford ES&T and Bunger-Henry)
Specific guidelines for responding to a medical emergency.

Important Information about Accident/Incident Reports

It is mandatory to complete a report after an accident/incident. The report will not only provide accurate documentation of the event but it will also serve as a learning tool for others.

ChBE Accident/Incident Report Form
This form contains convenient "print" and "email" tabs for expediency. Once the form has been completed, please print a copy, sign it, have your advisor (if any) sign it and submit a copy to Dr. David Sholl (School Chair) and a copy to Dr. Rachel Chen (Safety Committee Chair).



GT Emergency Preparedness App: Download this app in order to have key emergency information (such as who to call and what to do) on your phone in the eventuality of emergency situations (bomb threats, chemical spills, fires, shooter on campus, tornado warning, etc.). Follow the instructions in the app to view the emergency preparedness information for Georgia Tech.

ACS Publication: "Identifying and Evaluating Hazards in Research Laboratories"

Chemical Safety
Radiation Safety