Think Big. Solve Big.

ChBE@GT offers excellent undergraduate and graduate programs in the nation’s largest College of Engineering, which provides our students with incomparable opportunities. There are countless options for collaboration with experts in other fields across campus where our students, faculty, and post-docs have access to some of the best research and academic facilities available in higher education. Boasting world-class professors, our school has one of the largest faculties of any chemical engineering program nationwide. Our faculty members are leaders in their research fields and recipients of many of the most prestigious awards given to professionals in the discipline.

With some of the most eminent minds and access to the biggest and best laboratories, ChBE@GT is known for producing a high volume of innovative research that addresses some of the biggest problems facing humankind today, including developing new therapeutics for diseases, designing sustainable systems for improving the environment, and creating more efficient methods for producing new and better technologies.

Big Advantages
  • Big Research Options
  • Big Reputation
  • Big Faculty Recognition
  • Big Resources
  • Big Commitment to Teaching
Big Opportunities
  • Big Collaboration
  • Big Career Prospects
  • Big Network
  • Big City of Atlanta
  • Big Ambition