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Georgia Tech Environmental Chamber Research Study Finds Unexpected Interactions in Formation of Secondary Organic Aerosol in Atmosphere
<p>Postdoctoral fellow Poorandokht Kashkouli, seated, discusses test data from their direct air capture rig with Ryan Lively, left, and Chris Jones. The system pulls air across filter materials to remove carbon dioxide. (Photo: Candler Hobbs)</p> Cutting Emissions Isn’t Enough. We Need to Scrub Carbon Directly from the Air
Dr. Martha Grover Savannah River National Laboratory, Georgia Tech Select Martha Grover for Joint Appointment
Water research Using Machine Learning to Better Understand How Water Behaves
Kelvin and LaRita Smith Q&A with Kelvin Smith (PhD 2022): Passionate about Helping Others on Autism Spectrum Reach their Goals
Springtail researchers at creek The Secret to the Skillful Skydiving of Wingless Springtails
Ryan Lively Ryan Lively, and David Flaherty Awarded Endowed Term DeLoach Professorships
John Blazeck John Blazeck Wins New Innovator Award from National Institutes of Health
NIDDL Whole-brain Functional Imaging Takes New Leaps with Deep Learning
TRTSE team Tech Seniors Building Business around Phone Battery Saving Technology
Mayor Andre Dickens Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens Delivered Annual Silas Lecture in Ethics and Leadership
sensor graphics New Wearable Device Measures Tumors Changing Size Below Skin
Sabrina Westage installing air sensor in classroom Georgia Tech Researchers Study Methods for Assessing Classroom Air Quality during COVID-19 Pandemic
microneedle tattoo patch Researchers Develop Painless Tattoos That Can Be Self-Administered
student group ChBE Ranked 2nd in U.S. News Undergrad Rankings
Ryan Lively DOE Renews Funding of Energy Frontier Research Center with $13.2 Million Grant
Mark Prausnitz Regents’ Professor Mark Prausnitz Named Regents’ Entrepreneur
Corey Wilson Nga Lee "Sally" Ng and Corey Wilson Awarded Love Family Professorships
Paul Kohl and Marta Hatzell Georgia Tech’s $26 Million Partnership with National Science Foundation to Transform Fertilizer Production
Julie Champion Julie Champion and Mark Styczynski Awarded McLain Endowed Term Professorships