Every day in the School of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, our faculty, staff, and researchers are doing amazing things – both on the job, and for one other.

Here you can see the messages we've received about members of our community who are performing extraordinarily well.

For: Randee Turner
From: Dawn Franklin

Randee, Thank you so much for identifying a vendor in Workday for Curtis to order the chairs from. This extra effort resulted in cost savings for the department. Thank you for going above and beyond!

For: Cassandra Smith
From: Martha Grover

Thank you for taking care of everything so efficiently, and your patience with the mugs.

For: Michelle Harden

Thanks Michelle for your prompt action to our every request.

For: Nick Morgan
From: Kysten Raleigh

Thank you for always being willing to assist with any major finance issues, and most importantly, for not sounding annoyed if I have to call you about them 6 times in one day. :)

For: Imogene Baker
From: Bill Koros

Your rapid follow-up to answer my questions with clear advice has helped immeasurably in my ability to bring new post-doctoral fellows into my group and ensure they leave with a positive feeling for GT. Thank you VERY much-- you are a key resource for our School!

For: Rod Sefton
From: Arun Itta

Thank you very much Rod for your endless help to our BH. We really appreciate you.

For: Michelle Martin
From: Arun Itta

Thank you very much for helping our group especially emergency PO's and monthly orders on time. We really appreciate your work.

For: Michelle Harden

Your contribution to running our group smoothly is amazing. Thanks for all that you do for us.

For: Kevin Guger
From: Pezhman Arab

Kevin, thanks a lot to be so nice and welcoming!

For: Michelle Harden
From: Pezhman Arab

Michelle, Thanks a lot for all your supports and inputs to help our research goes smoothly!