Daniel Tedder

Emeritus Associate Professor

Dr. Tedder provides professional service to both the private and public sectors. His service on national committees for the U.S. Department of En­ergy include Member and past Chairman of the Independent Review Group for Transuranic Waste Management Programs, Member of the Independent Technical Review Panel for the Conceptual Design of the Transuranic Waste Treatment Facility at the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory, the Basic Energy Sciences Independent Review Committee for Separation Sciences, the Morgantown Environmental Technology Review Committee, the Molten Salt Oxidation Process Task Force, the HazWrap Chemical Separations Commit­tee, and the Los Alamos Red Team for Independent Technical Review for In-Tank Precipitation and Extended Sludge Processing at the Savannah River Site. He is an active consultant in the private sector and served as lead design engineer in developing the Optima Chemicals Sodium Tetraphenyl Borate (STPB) Manufacturing Process which was constructed in Georgia and was used to manufacture STPB for the U.S. Department of Energy.

B.S. 1972, Georgia Institute of Technology M.S. 1973, University of Wisconsin Ph.D. 1975, University of Wisconsin