Graduation ceremony

Note that this is a summary of the degree requirements. See the Graduate Student Handbook for complete and authoritative information.


Core courses

  • CHBE 6003 – Chemical Process Safety
  • CHBE 6100 – Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
  • CHBE 6200 – Transport Phenomena
  • CHBE 6260 – Mass Transport
  • CHBE 6300 – Kinetics and Reactor Design
  • CHBE 6500 – Mathematical Modeling

Elective courses

  • CHBE 6XXX – ChBE Elective
  • Free Elective 1
  • Free Elective 2
  • Free Elective 3 from 6000 and above Georgia Tech courses
  • Free Elective 4 from 6000 and above Georgia Tech courses

*2.7 GPA required for the above core and elective course

**Free electives must generally be from 6000-level-and-above Georgia Tech courses, but a 4000–level course may be substituted for six hours of free electives. Georgia Tech allows six hours of qualifying course credit to be transferred from another institution.

For applicants without a BS chemical engineering degree

We sometimes are asked whether a BS chemical engineering degree is required to apply to the MS ChBE program — for example, by students who have earned or will earn a BS chemistry degree. In order to have a successful application, a non-ChBE degree holder needs to demonstrate proficiency in calculus, differential equations and physics.

While not an absolute requirement, it is recommended that an applicant complete prerequisite undergraduate ChBE coursework that includes (1) mass and energy conservation, (2) transport processes (heat, fluids and mass), (3) thermodynamics and (4) kinetics and reactor design. The MS program does not provide access to these undergraduate-level courses. Applicants should plan to apply to an undergraduate program (either at Georgia Tech or at another school) to take the prerequisites prior to applying to the MS program.