Ford building

Ford ES&T Building Space Reservations


All purchased equipment must be entered into the Institute Property Control system and the equipment tagged with an inventory number. See Todd Clarkson for questions about inventoried equipment and the forms referenced below.

Moving Equipment

The property control system tracks equipment by building and room number, so if the equipment is moved, you should let Todd know the new location.

Trading In Equipment

An inventoried equipment trade-in authorization form must be completed and approved to trade in inventoried equipment. See Todd for the form.

Disposing of Equipment

Old equipment, both inventoried and non-inventoried, must be surplused. Contact Todd to arrange the surplusing of equipment.

ES&T Keys

To obtain keys to rooms in the ES&T Building, you must pay a $25 deposit. First, complete a key request form (link below), including approval from your advisor, and give it to Todd Clarkson. Then, you will have to go to the Bursar's Office to pay your deposit. After paying the deposit, take the receipt to Todd to pick up your key. Upon returning your key, Todd will give you a document instructing the Bursar's Office to refund your deposit.

Key Request Form
File last updated May 31, 2023.