Along with the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, the School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering manages several spaces for events within the Ford Building, including atriums, conference rooms, and classrooms.

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Reserve a conference room?

Online reservation requests of our small conference rooms (L1122, 1310, 2312, 2320, and 2354) and large conference rooms (L1120, 1387, and 2229) are limited to ChBE and EAS faculty, staff, and grads only, via the “Request ChBE Meeting Space in ES&T Building” option under “Create a Reservation.” Otherwise, please contact Hannah Hawthorne to book your request. NOTE: due to high demand, the large conference rooms are not available for booking individual office hours.

Reserve a classroom?
To reserve a classroom (L1105, L1118, L1125, L1255), use the "Request Classroom Space (available AS IS only)" form on this site.


Troubleshooting Tips

Looking to book a specific room?
If it's not showing up, you can use the "Browse for Space" option under "Browse" to look for available dates and times.

Unable to book an open room in the next few days?
Online reservations must be made 72 hours in advance for event spaces, and at least 24 hours in advance for classrooms, limited to business days. Contact Hannah Hawthorne about requesting a short-notice booking.

Receiving a different kind of error message?
Contact Campus Reservation Services.