Larry Forney

Emeritus Associate Professor

Dr. Forney is currently interested in the application of modern computational fluid dynamic (CFD) codes to chemical processing. Recent numerical simulations involve the use of various turbulent models (e.g., one or two equation) to industrial mixing applications. A specific example is the simulation of continuous single phase mixing at a pipeline tee junction for use in the petrochemical, food processing and water treatment industries. Future work will involve the computation of mass transfer by jet injection (two phase) and the use of multiple jets for the mixing of gases upstream from catalytic reactors. Other research interests are the study of improved mixing and transport with a Taylor vortex column. Applications of the latter technology are the liquid processing of nanospheres for catalytic use and the creation of emulsion liquid membranes for waste water treatment and desalination.

B.S. 1966, Case Institute of Technology M.S. 1968, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Ph.D. 1974, Harvard University