Robert Samuels

Emeritus Professor

Dr. Samuels' research interests emphasize the intimate relation that exists between polymer structure, processing, and properties. His extensive publications and research provide the basis for the quantitative prediction of mechanical, optical, and electrical properties of polymers from a knowledge of their basic structural parameters, and the identification and quantitative correlation of processing variables with fabricated polymer structures.

Dr. Samuels' present research interests include evaluation and prediction of the process-structure-property relations of fibers, films, moldings, and filled polymer systems and the development of rapid nondestructive three dimensional surface and bulk characterization techniques for studying anisotropic polymer structure. This includes investigation of the coupling between molecular and bulk deformation processes of conventional, natural, advanced, electrically conductive, photonic, and nano-composite polymer systems.

B.S. 1952, Brooklyn College M.S. 1955, Stevens Institute of Technology Ph.D. 1961, University of Akron