Travel expense statement and other reimbursement processing 

Providing guidance to PI and group members on GT and other relevant administrative policies (travel, 
purchasing, project spending, etc.)

Conference registration 

Meeting and event coordination and preparation (scheduling rooms, video conferences, etc.)

Maintaining calendars 

Placing orders (Buzzmart, Pcard, interdepartmental service billing, such as NMR facility, etc.)
Coordinating hiring process for postdocs and other researchers (research scientists, research engineers, etc.). Imogene does the actual hiring, however, the FSC’s work with the researcher candidate on the front end to obtain required info/documents for processing.

Preparing general administrative correspondence (drafting letters, memos, agendas, etc.), compiling 
documents and coordinating other paperwork for review 

Teaming with the finance office to coordinate oversight of sponsored project activity – The FSC’s and 
financial administrators work as a team to ensure spending and budget compliance. ChBE encourages you to have a recurring meeting with your FSC and/or Financial Admin to review your project activity (current balances, who is paid from where, 90 days to term, etc.)

Guiding group members through various administrative processes (how to submit their travel authority requests and travel expense statements, how to get set up in Buzzmart as shoppers, obtaining PO’s for  using interdepartment services, etc.)

Perform other related administrative duties as assigned