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PhD students at Georgia Tech School of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering can earn doctoral degrees in:

  • Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
  • Bioengineering

Below is a summary of the degree requirements for each option. See the Graduate Student Handbook for complete and authoritative information.

PhD in Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Core Courses

  • CHBE 6003 – Chemical Process Safety
  • CHBE 6100 – Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
  • CHBE 6200 – Transport Phenomena
  • CHBE 6260 – Mass Transport
  • CHBE 6300 – Kinetics and Reactor Design
  • CHBE 6500 – Mathematical Modeling

Elective Courses

  • CHBE XXXX – ChBE Elective

3.2 GPA required for the above core courses.


  • 3 courses from outside ChBE
  • 1 can be at 4000-level; the other 2 must be graduate level
  • Course of study requires approval before starting
  • Must earn a B or better in each class

Other Courses

  • CHBE 8001–2 – Graduate Seminars (must attend at least 60% every semester in residence)
  • CHBE 8801 – Introduction to Research


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Qualifying Exam

Oral Exam

  • Review and critique an assigned technical paper
  • 15 minute oral presentation to 2 or more faculty members
  • Up to 45 minute question and answer session covering the paper and other fundamental aspects of chemical engineering

Research Evaluation

  • The research advisor will submit an evaluation of the student’s research progress and potential.

Thesis Proposal and Oral Defense

  • 10 to 20 pages in length
  • 20 minute defense before Thesis Advisory Committee
  • Must be completed no later than the end of the sixth semester at Georgia Tech

Thesis Research

  • Must be a significant contribution to the field of chemical & biomolecular engineering
  • Must be publishable in a peer-reviewed research journal in the field

Pre-Doctoral Review

  • Includes a presentation of an outline for the completed PhD dissertation
  • Done at least 6 months before the Thesis Defense

Fall Graduate Colloquium

  • Must present seminar to ChBE faculty and students during the fall semester of your fourth year

PhD Dissertation

Thesis Defense

  • Given before Doctoral Examination Committee, which contains at least 5 facutly members, 3 of whom must be from ChBE and 1 of whom must be from another academic unit at Georgia Tech.



PhD in Bioengineering

​See the Bioengineering website for information about the Bioengineering PhD Program.