The School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at Georgia Tech requires all research personnel hired after 2012 or paid on an RCR Flagged project to be trained in the principles of Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR). This training must be completed in two phases, via completion of online CITI modules within 90 days of employment, and via “in-person training”.  

Step 1:  Complete the online CITI modules within 90 days of starting at Georgia Tech as a researcher

Please note:

  • Make sure to print and maintain a copy of your completion certificate in the event your name does not appear in the Institute’s CITI report.
  • The CITI course that satisfies the online RCR training requirement IS NOT the same as the CITI courses that researchers take to satisfy the online training requirements of GT’s IACUC (vertebrae animal subjects research) or GT’s IRB (human subjects research).

Step 2:  Complete the Institute-approved RCR course - PHIL 6000 (these classes are offered every semester) (this option may not be utilized by graduate students to fulfill the in-person training requirements)

  • Link to PHIL 6000:
  • Some leeway allowed for the completion of Phil 6000 based on time and other constraints.  In these instances, an In-Person Certification form must be completed, with signatures from both the employee and advisor.  Then emailed to .