Micah S. Ziegler
Assistant Professor and John Woody Faculty Fellow
Sven Holger Behrens
Adjunct Professor
Fani Boukouvala
Associate Professor and Glenn T. Wright Faculty Fellow
Thomas Fuller
Professor and Thomas A. Solak Faculty Fellow
Martha Grover
Professor and Associate Chair for Graduate Studies, James Carl and Sheila Farrell Pirkle, Jr. Faculty Fellow, and ADVANCE Professor, College of Engineering)
Paul Kohl
Regents' Professor, Institute Fellow, Thomas L. Gossage Chair
Hang Lu
Professor and Cecil J. "Pete" Silas Chair of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Peter Ludovice
Associate Professor and Charles R. Byrd Faculty Fellow
Andrew Medford
Associate Professor and J. Frank Scarborough Faculty Fellow
Nga Lee (Sally) Ng
Love Family Professor