Undergrad Curriculum

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Standard Option

Biotech Option

Core Curriculum

Schedule of ChBE Core Courses Offerings for 2022-2023

ChBE 2100

Chemical Process Principles

ChBE 2120

Numerical Methods in Chemical Engineering

ChBE 2130

Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics I

ChBE 3130

Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics II

ChBE 3200

Transport Phenomena I

ChBE 3210

Transport Phenomena II

ChBE 3225

Separation Processes

ChBE 4200

Unit Operations Laboratory

ChBE 4210

Bioprocesses Laboratory

ChBE 4300

Kinetics and Reactor Design

ChBE 4310

Bioprocess Engineering

ChBE 4411

Process Control

ChBE 4412

Process Control Lab

ChBE 4510

Process and Product Design and Economics

ChBE 4515

Chemical Process Safety

ChBE 4520

Capstone ChBE Design Project

ChBE 4530

Capstone ChBE Bio-Design Project