Alex Abramson
Assistant Professor
Sue Ann Allen
Emeritus Professor
Imogene Baker
Administrative Supervisor - Human Resources Manager
Sujit Banerjee
Emeritus Professor
Richard Barger
Financial Admin III
Sven Holger Behrens
Adjunct Professor
Saad Bhamla
Assistant Professor
John Blazeck
Assistant Professor and Cecil J. "Pete" Silas Faculty Fellow
Andreas Bommarius
Professor, Clifford W. Rackley Faculty Fellow, and Nobles Family Faculty Fellow
Donna Bondy
Program and Operations Manager.
Fani Boukouvala
Associate Professor and Glenn T. Wright Faculty Fellow
Victor Breedveld
Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies, Professor and Frank Dennis Faculty Fellow
Blair Brettmann
Associate Professor, Solvay Faculty Fellow, and Raymond and Stephanie Myers Faculty Fellow
Curtis Burnett
Ford ES&T Facilities Manager
E. L. Chaikof
Adjunct Professor and MD
Julie Champion
Professor (William R. McLain Endowed Term Professorship)
Ronald Chance
Professor of the Practice
Lily Cheung
Assistant Professor and Roy C. and Polly B. Sheffield Faculty Fellow
Todd Clarkson
Ford ES&T Facilities Manager II
Christian Cuba-Torres
Senior Lecturer and E. J. Grassmann Fellow
Denzel Deloach
Financial Admin II
Yulin Deng
Emeritus Professor
Brad Dixon
Communications Manager
Charles Eckert
Emeritus Professor and J. Erskine Love Jr. Institute Chair in Engineering
William Ernst
Emeritus Professor
Lori Federico
Administrative Manager II, Assistant to the Chair Professor Christopher W. Jones
Luz Feliciano
IT Support Prof II
Eric Felner
Adjunct Professor, MD, and MSCR
Michael Filler
Professor, T. Hamilton and Bettye Traylor Faculty Fellow, and Interim Executive Director of the Institute for Electronics and Nanotechnology
David Flaherty
Professor (Thomas C. DeLoach Jr. Endowed Professorship)
Sarah Flake
Development Assistant
Larry Forney
Emeritus Associate Professor
Juanita Freeman
Faculty Support Coordinator
Thomas Fuller
Professor and Thomas A. Solak Faculty Fellow
Benjamin Galfond
Academic Professional and E. J. Grassmann Fellow
Martha Grover
Professor and Associate Chair for Graduate Studies, James Carl and Sheila Farrell Pirkle, Jr. Faculty Fellow, and ADVANCE Professor, College of Engineering)
Kevin Guger
IT Support—Lead
Marta Hatzell
Associate Professor
Hannah Hawthorne
Admin Professional III
Dennis Hess
Emeritus Professor
Adrienne Hillman
Academic Advisor
Jeff Hsieh
Emeritus Professor and Director of the Multidisciplinary Pulp and Paper Engineering Program
Yuhang Hu
Associate Professor
Vida Jamali
Assistant Professor and Daniel B. Mowrey Faculty Fellow
Mack Jenkins
IT Support Engineer
Christopher Jones
Professor, John F. Brock III School Chair
Ravi Kane
Professor, Garry Betty/V Foundation Chair and GRA Eminent Scholar in Cancer Nanotechnology
Annemarie Karanja
Financial Administrative III
Yoshiaki Kawajiri
Adjunct Professor
Lauren Kennedy
Director of Development
Paul Kohl
Regents' Professor, Institute Fellow, Thomas L. Gossage Chair
William Koros
Professor, Roberto C. Goizueta Chair for Excellence in Chemical Engineering, and GRA Eminent Scholar in Membranes
Nisha Kukreja
Faculty Support Coordinator
Sara Kunicki
Program and Operations Manager
Stephanie Laney
Program Support Coordinator-ACS Journal Office Administrator
Jay Lee
Adjunct Professor
Charles Liotta
Regents' Professor Emeritus
Nian Liu
Assistant Professor and Robert G. Miller Faculty Fellow
Ryan Lively
Professor (Thomas C. DeLoach Jr. Endowed Professorship)
Hang Lu
Professor and Cecil J. "Pete" Silas Chair of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Peter Ludovice
Associate Professor and Charles R. Byrd Faculty Fellow
Christopher Luettgen
Professor of the Practice and Associate Director, Renewable Bioproducts Institute
Martin Maldovan
Associate Professor and Jack S. Baldwin Faculty Fellow
Sametria Matthews
Academic Advisor II
Larry McIntire
Professor Emeritus
Andrew Medford
Associate Professor and J. Frank Scarborough Faculty Fellow
Jacqueline Mercadal
Faculty Support Coordinator
J. Carson Meredith
Professor and James Preston Harris Faculty Fellow, Executive Director of the Renewable Bioproducts Institute
Nicholas Morgan
Asst. Director Financial Ops
Rochelle Moses
Program and Operations Manager
John Muzzy
Emeritus Professor and Chairman of the Multidisciplinary Polymer Engineering Program
Sankar Nair
Professor, J. Harry and Myrtice K. Simmons Faculty Fellow, Mary Kathleen and Howard Lee Bulluck Jr. Faculty Fellow, and Associate Chair for Industry Outreach
Athanasios Nenes
Adjunct Professor
Robert Nerem
Institute Professor Emeritus
Nga Lee (Sally) Ng
Love Family Professor
Anant Paravastu
Associate Professor and W. Lloyd Johnson and Ann Drake Johnson Faculty Fellow
Ramaiseya "Maise" Parham
Faculty Support Coordinator
Brad Parker
Research Machinist
Pamela Peralta-Yahya
Associate Professor
Donna Peyton
Director, Office of Corporate Engagement
Gary Poehlein
Emeritus Professor
Mark Prausnitz
Regents' Professor, J. Erskine Love Jr. Chair in Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, and Director of the Center for Drug Design, Development and Delivery
Matthew Realff
Professor and David I.J. Wang Faculty Fellow
Elsa Reichmanis
Emeritus Professor
Ellen Murkison Riley
Academic Advising Manager - Undergraduate Program
Ronald Rousseau
Emeritus Professor and Cecil J. "Pete" Silas Chair
Nick Sahinidis
Butler Family Chair and Professor
Athanassios Sambanis
Emeritus Professor
Robert Samuels
Emeritus Professor
Leslie Schlag
Grants Administrator
F. Joseph Schork
Emeritus Professor
Joseph Scott
Associate Professor and Dorothy and Lee Tanner Faculty Fellow
David Sholl
Professor and Cecile L. and David I.J. Wang Faculty Fellow
Carsten Sievers
Professor and Robert L. Seldomridge Faculty Fellow
A. H. P. Skelland
Emeritus Professor
Jacqueline Snedeker
Senior Academic Professional – Director of Technical Communications Program and E. J. Grassmann Fellow
Jude Sommerfeld
Emeritus Professor
Valarie Spradling
Admin Professional III
Arnold Stancell
Emeritus Professor & Emeritus Turner Servant Leadership Chair
Mark Styczynski
Professor (William R. McLain Endowed Term Professorship)
Daniel Tedder
Emeritus Associate Professor
Amyn Teja
Emeritus Regents' Professor and Grassmann Foundation Professor of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Yonathan Thio
Senior Lecturer and E. J. Grassmann Fellow
Nicole Thompson
Asst. Dir. Admin. Ops
Zhaohui (Julene) Tong
Associate Professor and James C. Barber Faculty Fellow
ThuyVuong Truong
Financial Admin III
Randee Turner
Financial Manager I
Krista Walton
Professor and Robert "Bud" Moeller Faculty Fellow
Janice Whatley
Academic Advisor—Graduate Program
Corey Wilson
Love Family Professor
Jack Winnick
Emeritus Professor
Younan Xia
Professor, Brock Family Chair, and GRA Eminent Scholar in Nanomedicine
Ajit Yoganathan
Regents' Professor Emeritus, Associate Chair for Research in The Wallace H. Coulter School of Biomedical Engineering, and the Wallace H. Coulter Distinguished Faculty Chair in Biomedical Engineering
Micah S. Ziegler
Assistant Professor and John Woody Faculty Fellow